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Hot tub with gas heating

Do you want simple heating of your outdoor pool? If you live in a densely built-up area and have your hot tub on the patio or in the garden, it can be nice to avoid handling wood, smoke and ash. We make it easy for you, buy a gas hot tub from us, perfect for any leafy residential area.

With a gas-fired pool, the bathing water is heated quickly and without smoke, all you have to do is turn on the gas and start the heater and the heating takes care of itself. Our CE-marked gas heater is 36 kW and is easy to handle. Soon the water is up to a comfortable 38 degrees, ready for swimming even when the snow is thick on the ground.

Wonderful bathing experiences - year after year

Our gas hot tubs are built to last, through seasons and years that pass. With strong polyethylene plastic, there are no scratches on the surface, and dirt does not stick as easily as on other materials. You clean easily with a cloth and mild detergent.

  • Durable and durable design on the various parts of the gas drums.
  • Own production on site in Sweden, Gävle - shipped all over Europe.
  • Oleic acid-treated wood panel that lasts a long time and has a fine grain.
  • Large gas hot tubs where the whole family and all the friends can fit.
  • Gas heaters that you can easily hang off and bring in if there is a risk of freezing.

Stable undercarriage and fully assembled drain mean that you can basically start bathing immediately when you have received your LPG hot tub delivered to your home. We manufacture our outdoor pools on site in Gävle and spend a lot of time making both plastic and wooden panels as durable and durable as possible.

Gas stove suitable for apartment blocks

Just because you don't have a cabin in the mountains or a holiday home by a lake, you don't have to miss out on the experience and enjoyment that hot tub bathing can provide. It is possible to place a hot tub with LPG as heating practically anywhere in your garden. Only the base is flat and stable. Do you want your gas-fired hot tub under the large oak in the corner of the garden? It goes just as well as on the balcony or on the stone-paved patio. There is room for eight to ten people and the seat height is a comfortable 37 centimeters.

Make sure you have a lid to put on to avoid leaves and dirt that otherwise like to find their way into the barrel and the water. You can also buy:

  • Pool disinfection
  • Side shelves
  • Underwater lighting
  • Insulating cover
  • sand filter

You will find more accessories and other equipment to make your gas heated hot tub even more personal here in our webshop.

Utleverans av gasolbadtunna inom 5 dagar

Eftersom vi tillverkar allt i egen regi skickar vi snabbt ut beställda varor från vårt lager. Inom fem dagar har transportföretaget fått varan och levererar den direkt hem till dig. Om du har vägarna förbi kan du även plocka upp din gasolbadtunna på plats hos oss.

Du hittar Svenska Badtunnor i Gävle, där vi har butik och tillverkning. Vi levererar högkvalitativa, gasoluppvärmda badtunnor till villaägare över hela landet.

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