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Ready for a bath?

A gas-heated bath heats up quickly, it takes about 4 hours to heat up (bathtub about 2 hours). All you have to do is fill up with water and then press a button - the water will then be heated to a comfortable bathing temperature and you can jump in. Because you use gas, the heating is completely smoke-free and you don't have to worry about disturbing neighbors. When you purchase one of our gas heated hot tubs/patio pools or bath tubs you will receive a gas heater, wheeled assembly trolley and all the necessary accessories what you need to buy yourself is a gas hose and reducing valve.

Perfect in dense housing.

A gas heated bath is ideal in a densely built-up area with gardens and houses next to each other. Because the hot tub is gas heated, no wood is needed and the heater is completely smoke and smoke odor free.

Easy heating without smoke

To start the bath, pull out the specially adapted gas trolley with the heater and also your gas hose. Access to an electrical outlet is required to start the pump. When the pump is connected, turn on the heater, instructions for installing and starting and stopping the heater are included.

In order to reach a bathing-friendly 38 degrees, approx. 2-5 kg ​​of gas are required, the starting temperature and outside temperature naturally affect both the gas supply and the time it takes to heat up. The gas heater has an output of 36 kW and is CE marked.

Winter use

If you have a gas heated hot tub/patio pool/bathtub you will need to drain the water after your bath in the winter. Also make sure that the water drains from the hoses so that they do not freeze. The gas heater and the gas must be stored frost-free when not in use.

When it is very cold outside, it is also important to keep an eye on the gas heater during heating, for example if the gas runs out or freezes during heating, the gas heater will stop and there is a risk that this will die Hoses will freeze if you are not in charge of the gas heater. Also bear in mind that the battery in the gas heating system will run out more quickly in winter and will therefore need to be replaced more frequently.

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